CyberHeroes embark on a CSI-like adventure!

Ever wanted to be like one of those detectives on CSI? Well, today our participants got a glimpse into this world, complete with a police patrol boat adventure!

This could not have been possible without the help of Dirk-Jan Grootenboer and Peter Duin.

Dirk Jaan Grootenboer works as a digital local police officer at the Seaport Police, and Peter Duin works as a researcher for the police; specializing in cyber resilience.

At Rotterdam’s Sea Port Police headquarters, CyberHeroes participants participated in a CSI-style digital forensics challange.

After this, Floor Jansen, co-founder of Hack_Right and Strategic Adviser for Team High Tech Crime; and Digital Forensics Expert Marinus Boekelo, presented on their infamous international Hansa Market take over investigation ( i.e. “Operation Bayonet”)

What an incredible day!