Cyberworkplace workshops are taking place every Friday. During these workshops, we help our students acquire and improve the skills they need for the 21st cybersecurity labor market. The workshops are touching upon different subjects in the field of security. During the year we are running various courses that are aiming at acquiring in-depth knowledge that is essential for our students’ further development. The courses’ duration is between four and eight weeks. After successful completion of a particular course, students are granted a certificate. See below some of the courses that we had run in 2019 and 2020. Are you interested? Join us here


Fundamentals of Splunk
Four weeks course
Led by Mark Brinkman, UMBRiO
The course has covered searching and navigating, using commands, creating reports, dashboards, and alerts and using the interactive Pivot tool. Also monitoring, detecting, investigating, and responding to threats with analytics-driven SIEM solutions.

Practical Python
Four weeks course
Led by Daniel Abrahams, CWP Teacher volunteer
This course has covered the fundamentals of python through practical examples and projects.

Introduction to Linux
Four weeks course
Led by Willem Lei, Unlock your talent
This course has covered the following: working with the shell, file
management, process management and bash shell scripting.

Networking Fundamentals
Four weeks course
Led by Wouter van den Bergh, Axians
This course has covered the basics of networking and allowed the participant to fully understand how corporate networks and the internet function.


Introduction to Java: Object-Oriented Programming
Four weeks course
Led by Kostas Stefanopoulos.
This course has covered encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, creating your own Java program.

One week project
By Cyberworkplace and Cultivating Coders
Ethical Hacking course

CSI-010: Digital Forensics
Eight weeks course
By Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam
The course has covered local incident response, network forensics, and web server analysis.

Fundamentals of Python programming
Four weeks course
Vikram Mark Radhakrishnan, Ph.D. Leiden University
The course has covered syntax, basic operations, data structures, conditional statements, loops, file handling, exception handling, functional programming, and object-oriented programming.

The human factor in cybersecurity
Four weeks project
By Cyberworkplace and Municipality of Rotterdam
A project dedicated to making the citizens of Rotterdam more secure and cyber resilient.