Cyberworkplace and Security Blue Team organize a training in support of Ukrainian refugees

On March 21st, Cyberworkplace in collaboration with Security Blue Team and Wouter van den Bergh will launch the Blue Team Level 1 training. This course is designed to train technical defenders that are capable of defending networks and responding to cyber incidents. Our initiative aims to help young Ukrainian refugees kick-start their careers in cyber security.

During the five-week course, a group of ten Cyberworkplace students will gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Participants will get access to the BTL1 course materials and attend a series of workshops by Wouter. The course is structured so that students can learn at their own pace. 

Students will be introduced to security fundamentals, network security, digital forensics and much more. Below are some examples of the skills and experience they will gain:

  • Analysing and responding to phishing attacks
  • Performing forensics investigations to collect and analyse digital evidence
  • Using a SIEM platform to investigate malicious activity
  • Log and network traffic analysis, including malware infections
  • Conducting threat actor research

Equipped with new knowledge and skills, our students will be able to pass the practical exam and receive the official Junior Security Operations Certification.

We appreciate the contribution of Wouter van den Bergh and Security Blue Team. Their expertise and dedication have made this course possible, and we are confident that it will be a valuable learning experience for all participants.

We are very excited to work together and look forward to future successful cooperation.