About us

Cyberworkplace is an off-beat initiative focusing on reducing the cybersecurity talent gap and promote cybersecurity awareness.

We provide free cybersecurity training and coaching to tech-savvy youngsters such as gamers, hackers, and students who lack practical experience in their study programs. We help them develop the skills they need for the 21st-century cybersecurity labor market and link them to leading (IT) security companies and organizations for internships and more.

The training/workshops at Cyberworkplace are inspired by modern teaching methods such as peer-to-peer techniques and project-based learning. They are suitable for beginners, but also more advanced students.

Cyberworkplace is a non-profit, tuition-free initiative that does not employ teachers and does not issue accredited diplomas. We are operating on a volunteer base, and currently, we have more than 100 volunteers and friends in our network.

We are based in Rotterdam with the ambition to open up doors in other cities in The Netherlands, but also abroad.

Since November 2019, Cyberworkplace has been recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization/ Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) under tax number 857754397. It is a “label” awarded by the tax authorities for fully committed institutions to the public interest. Learn more here.

Our mission

To help reduce the current shortage of cybersecurity experts in the labor market and provide much-needed 21st-century skills to tech-savvy youngsters.

The problem

Globally, businesses and governments are struggling to attract talented cybersecurity employees. This struggle results from a lack of skilled job-seekers and/ or employers looking at the wrong place(s).

Educational initiatives aimed at increasing the cybersecurity talent pool, focusing on fixed profiles on what specialists should look like, and pay too little attention to practice/cybersecurity as a craft.

Existing initiatives often aim at involving highly educated people, preferably with a technical or IT background. As a result of this one-sided focus, potential talents without an academic background or the “right” diplomas are excluded.

In short: there is a need for a new approach that ensures that organizations attract young talents to find the right cybersecurity specialists of tomorrow: Cyberworkplace!

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