About us

Cyberworkplace is a non-profit initiative that helps reduce the current shortage of cyber security experts in the labor market and provides much-needed 21st-century skills to tech-savvy youngsters (including dropouts/ gamers/students, who lack practical experience in their study programs).
The training/lessons given at Cyberworkplace are inspired by modern teaching methods such as peer-to-peer techniques and project-based learning.
Cyberworkplace is a tuition-free initiative that does not employ teachers and does not issue accredited diplomas. For the future, the Cyberworkplace has the ambition to be accessible 24/7.

Our mission

To help reduce the current shortage of cyber security expertise in the labor market and to provide much-needed 21st-century skills to tech-savvy youngsters.
Globally, businesses and governments are struggling to attract young talented cyber security employees. This struggle is the result of a lack of skilled job-seekers (the talent pool is small) and (potential) employers looking at the wrong place (s).

We think this problem is not solved because:  

Educational initiatives aimed at increasing the cyber security talent pool focussing on fixed profiles on what specialists should look like and pay too little attention to practice/cyber security as a craft.
Existing initiatives often aim at involving highly educated people, preferably with a technical or IT background. As a result of this one-sided focus, potential talents without an academic background or the “right” diplomas are excluded.

In short: there is a need for a new approach that ensures that organizations attract young talents to find the right cyber security specialists of tomorrow: Cyberworkplace!