Our team

Meet our team! A group of individuals proud to contribute to the fulfillment of our mission. Our team members combine the passion for cybersecurity and the dedication to supporting youngsters.


Mira Golsteyn


Mira is a senior manager with over twenty years of experience in operations, IT management, and security. She translates GDPR and ISO into practice in a workable way. Also, she ensures that IT and security make the work feasible instead of forming an obstacle. She delivers results and is passionate about security and privacy.

Anouk Vos

Honorary Chair

Anouk is the founding partner at Revnext, a cybersecurity consulting company. She is a resourceful and innovative advisor working on various strategic challenges within the IT security domain. In 2017, she founded Cyberworkplace to help youngsters reduce the talent gap of cybersecurity talents while promoting cybersecurity.

Else Maria van der Meulen

Board Member

Else Maria is the director of DataDiensten Fryslân. She has a background in Business Informatics and Computer Science and has been committed to providing young people with the right tech skills for the future.

Nasya Handzhiyska

Executive Manager

Nasya is the executive manager at Cyberworkplace with over five years of experience in project management. She has a background in marketing and international business. Nasya is committed to helping tech talented youngsters develop their skills and get a job in the cybersecurity field.

Natalia Wojtowicz

Board member

Natalia Wojtowicz is a lecturer in wargaming and cybersecurity at The Hague University. In her previous role, she developed innovative wargames for NATO and investigated new scenarios. Since 2020 she has published two books on Wargaming Experiences. She is passionate about enabling all students in finding their professional success. 

Vita Korotka

Assistant Manager

Vita is an assistant manager at Cyberworkplace. She has a background in business process analysis, entrepreneurship, and user interface design. Vita is committed to helping young people get the chance in building their future.