Sponsors & Partners

Do you want to discuss the possibilities for cooperation or sponsorship?
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Please note that there must be an added value for both parties. To come “watch” how we run the place or just “take a look at real-life hackers”, is not what we offer.


SecureLink is powered by a strong combination of artificial and human intelligence-driven solutions. We combine market-leading technology with some of the industry’s most talented experts, to provide you with the services you need to reduce your risk.



SIDN Fund stands for ‘a strong internet for all’. They provide financial support to ideas and projects that aim to make the internet stronger or that use the internet in innovative ways. By doing so, SIDN Fund wants to help increase the social impact of the internet in the Netherlands.



On www.citylab010.nl people with good ideas and hearts meet each other for Rotterdam. People with expertise, resources, and relevant networks. Sharing ideas has advantages: you reinforce your plan, you involve other Rotterdammers and you enter into new collaborations in the city. This makes CityLab010 the ideal workplace for the city of tomorrow.


Revnext is a strategic consulting firm focusing on high-tech issues. They advise high-level management of governments, listed companies, and NGOs in the areas of high-tech innovation, strategic development, and performance improvement.



They’re an idealistic bunch of security researchers, networking/forensics geeks, and Capture The Flag winners that are passionate about making the world more secure. They believe in transparency and openness.



The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport. The port owes its leading position to its outstanding accessibility for sea-going vessels. And to its intermodal connections and the 180,000 people working in and for Rotterdam’s port and industrial area. A place where unlimited ambitions can become a reality.



The Dutch police exist to maintain public order, offer assistance to those under threat, and to enforce the criminal law. The police actively cooperate with citizens and partners. They have an eye and an ear for what is happening in society. The police are there for everyone.



Guardian360 provides monitoring and scan services that keep a close eye on your network and web applications continuously, so you will have all possible means at your disposal to prevent hacks and data leaks. In addition, you have continuous insight into compliance with ISO27001, DigiD and OWASP standards.



FERMS gives you the knowledge and skills to make your company digitally resilient and inspire you to take the right steps. Come along, learn and join. And you know: together we are strong!




The CyberHeroes project could not have happened without the help of the United States Embassy. Throughout the process of planning of CyberHeroes, they were involved, present, and attentive. We hope to continue our prosperous partnership with them.



Rabobank Rotterdam supports local projects and activities in the municipality of Rotterdam, Capelle aan de IJssel, Schiedam and Vlaardingen that improve, enrich and strengthen the environment. Their goal is to make the city stronger. They call it Growing a better world together!



Cybersprint protects organisations from cyber threats by giving continuous real-time insight into their online vulnerabilities. Knowing your online footprint is essential for managing cyber risks and protecting your organisation’s brand and reputation. Cybersprint helps to make the internet a safer place.




Hacklab offers young people, who have difficulty with the regular educational institutions, the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in cyber security. A first step for a nice career in cyber safety. Hacklab is an initiative of Stichting cyber safety Noord Nederland.