Student presentation in front of Seaport Police

Today, Rotterdam Seaport Police came to Cyberworkplace to hear one of our students presentation on how to optimize the security at the Rotterdam port. His presentation included creating a “blacklist”, “graylist” and “whitelist” to rank the security levels of different import and export companies in the port. He argued that this would not only make investigations for police easier, but also give benefits to companies who have high safety standards. Great job! 👨‍💻

New intern at Cyberworkplace!

We are super happy to welcome in our team Maria Spinelli, our new intern! Maria is studying International Law at Leiden University College The Hague and she is very passionate about cyber security. In fact, she aspires to do her master’s degree and pursue a future career in International Cyber Law. We will make sure she will learn some valuable skills along the way! She is already an expert in lock picking! 😉