Sign up for CSI-010: Digital Forensics 2021

Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam are excited to announce the launch of the third edition of the CSI-010: Digital Forensics course on April 9, 2021. After the successful pilot in 2019 and the second edition in 2020, the organizations are introducing a few improvements. This year’s program includes several new guest lectures, remote access, a buddy program, and more. Former participants who wish to rejoin the course will have a chance to join as student assistants. While guiding the new participants, they can acquire new digital forensics knowledge and improve their mentoring and teamwork skills.

As a result of the high interest in the previous editions of this course, participants’ number has been increased from 20 to 25. By doing this, Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam wish to reach a bigger group of passionate young people and give them a chance to develop in digital forensics.

What is CSI-010 Digital Forensics?

CSI-010 Digital Forensics is a digital forensics course at an MBO level organized in collaboration between Cyberworkplace, Techniek College Rotterdam, and Revnext. In 8 weeks, 25 students will have hands-on lectures on digital forensics’ different aspects and learn how to detect and prevent cybercrime. After successful completion of the course, the participants will receive a certificate.

What does the course look like?

In eight lessons, the participants will be introduced to the world of digital forensics. By practicing with real cases, presentations by experts from the field as guest lecturers, and relevant theory, participants will get a taste of what it means to work as a digital forensic investigator.

  • 1st lesson: Introduction to the ethical and legal framework of digital forensics
  • 2nd lesson: Local incident response
  • 3rd lesson: Local incident response
  • 4th lesson: Local Incident Response
  • 5th lesson: Network Forensics
  • 6th lesson: Webserver analysis
  • 7th lesson: Web server analysis
  • 8th lesson: Final challenge 

The workshops are taking place on Fridays. Because of the Corona measures, the workshops will be given online. The course materials are in English.

What are the requirements to participate?

  • You have basic IT knowledge
  • You have basic skills in programming and ethical hacking (an advantage)
  • You are between 16 and 27 years old
  • You are available to participate in the entire program. Lessons are given on Friday between April 9, 2021, and June 11, 2021 (except for the May holiday between May 7, 2021, and May 14, 2021).
  • You have a laptop * (You don’t have a computer, but you still want to participate? Please contact Cyberworkplace for the possibilities.)
  • You are enthusiastic and motivated to learn

How to join?

Participation in this course is limited to students of Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam only. Register now and become a student of Cyberworkplace! Application deadline: March 12, 2021. 

More info about the course here.

Cyberworkplace appoints new chairwoman

On February 3rd, 2021, the General Board of Cyberworkplace has appointed Mira Golsteyn as chairwoman of the organization. She is succeeding Anouk Vos, founder of Cyberworkplace and chair.

Golsteyn has been a board member of the organization since 2018. She is a senior manager with over twenty years of experience in operations, IT management, and security. She delivers results and is passionate about security and privacy.

“It’s an honor to succeed Anouk. On behalf of my fellow board members Theo Sinnema and Else Maria van der Meulen, I’d like to extend our gratitude to Anouk. Without her vision and commitment, there would be no Cyberworkplace as we know it.”, said Golsteyn.

Anouk Vos has made an enormous contribution to the growth and development of Cyberworkplace throughout her tenure as chair. The Board of Cyberworkplace is delighted to announce that Vos has been appointed Honorary Chair. She will continue to be closely involved in Cyberworkplace.

“It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad, so I’d much rather say hello and welcome. Hello to a new role within the Cyberworkplace community. Welcome to a new chair and welcome to new vibrant Cyberworkplace initiatives!”, said Vos.

“Together with my fellow board members, I look forward to strengthening our position as Cyber Workplace. We will continue to work closely with our staff members, students, partners, ambassadors, and volunteers. After all: it does take a village to raise an ethical hacker!”, said Golsteyn.

Cyberworkplace helped me develop my IT skills and gave me a network of like-minded people

Jasper on the right.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jasper, twenty years old from Rotterdam. My passion is machine learning. I am also interested in security and website development. I define myself as a tech freak. My hobbies are football, working out and programming.

When did you join Cyberworkplace? What was your motivation?

I joined Cyberworkplace about two years ago. After quitting school, Cyberworkplace helped me develop my IT skills and gave me a network of like-minded people to share knowledge and experience.

What did you like about Cyberworkplace?

My favorite thing about Cyberworkplace is the community. Everyone is very supportive and helpful. I also really liked the workshops that were given by experts in the cybersecurity field. Thanks to Cyberworkplace, I got to expand my network.

What have you learned at Cyberworkplace?

I have improved my programming, but also networking and communication skills. The most important skill that I learned is how to do everything ethically.

What is your most favorite moment at Cyberworkplace?

I have enjoyed every moment that I had with the Cyberworkplace community, an environment where I can talk to everybody and share knowledge. My favorite project was the Cyber Heroes project, where we got to work on a project with students from the US.

What are you currently up to?

Currently, I am an intern at the Do Good Only Company. I give lectures about data science and data cleaning. I got to know them through Cyberworkplace.

Describe Cyberworkplace with three words?

Community. Ethics. Fun.

Would you recommend Cyberworkplace to your friends? What would you tell them?

I would recommend Cyberworkplace to my friends interested in security, IT, and hacking and who are looking for a community where they can discuss various security topics. Or are looking for a place where they can learn for free and get to know experts in the cybersecurity field.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I want to thank everyone at Cyberworkplace, from the guest lectures to the people behind the scenes of Cyberworkplace. I am thankful for everybody who shared their knowledge and experiences.

Cyberworkplace reaches a larger group of young people through new age requirement

Cyberworkplace announces a new age requirement. Applicants aged between 16 and 27 are now eligible to join our program. The decision comes as a response to the economic crisis due to Covid-19 and the increasing need for cybercrime fighters.

Millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs due to the current crisis. Data from the International Labor Organization show young people have lost jobs faster and greater than other society segments. The numbers are even higher when it comes to deprived communities, especially among those without proper skills and education. Supporting these youngsters by giving them access to opportunities is crucial and very much needed.
Cyberworkplace find that the need for cybercrime fighters is bigger than ever before. We see a worldwide increase in cybercrime, taking advantage of the Coronavirus. In the Netherlands, a surge in amateur hacking is seen due to teenage boredom. We believe that by providing the right education and training, Cyberworkplace can guide them in the right direction.

With the increase of cybercriminals and unemployment, Cyberworkplace saw this as an opportunity to increase the age requirement from 25 to 27. It is also a chance for young people to get reskilled and switch careers due to the economic change caused by the pandemic. By doing this, Cyberworkplace wishes to reach a bigger group of passionate young people and give them a chance to develop in cybersecurity.

Cyberworkplace is a non-profit initiative focusing on reducing the cybersecurity talent gap and promote cybersecurity awareness.
We provide free training and coaching to tech-savvy youngsters such as gamers, hackers, and students who lack practical experience in their study programs. We help them develop the skills they need for the 21st-century cybersecurity labor market and link them to leading (IT) security companies and organizations for internships and more.

Rotterdamse studenten en politie strijden samen tegen cybercrime

In de afgelopen maanden zag de politie een forse stijging van 170 procent in cybercriminaltieit (Politie,2020). Cybercriminelen profiteren van de huidige situatie waarin iedereen waar mogelijk is online werkt en afhankelijk is van digitale technologie als gevolg van de pandemie. De grote stijging van cybercriminaliteit en de verandering in onze leefstijl maakt het werk van digitale rechercheurs relevanter dan ooit. Daarom hebben de Rotterdamse stichting Cyberworkplace, Techniek College Rotterdam, het Rotterdamse bedrijfsleven én de politie de handen ineen geslagen om jongeren te helpen leren om cybercrime op te sporen en te voorkomen. Met de opleiding CSI:010 Digital Forensics leren de studenten de basisvaardigheden van digitaal forensisch onderzoek.

“In deze tijd worden net zoveel misdaden in de online wereld gepleegd als in de echte wereld. Digitaal forensisch onderzoek is een uniek gebied omdat het kan helpen bij het oplossen van misdaden die in beide werelden zijn gepleegd. We hebben dringend behoefte aan digitale forensische wetenschappers die (cyber)criminelen voor het gerecht kunnen brengen. Ik ben zo trots op onze studenten die hun eerste en belangrijke stap hebben gezet op weg naar een lonende digitale forensische carrière”, zegt Anouk Vos oprichter van Cyberworkplace.

Studenten CSI-010

Tijdens de gratis opleiding krijgen twintig geselecteerde deelnemers 8 weken lang een voorproefje van het werk van een digitaal forensisch onderzoeker. Ze worden hierbij gesteund door gastdocenten uit het veld.

“De reden dat ik mij opgaf voor de cursus CSI-010 is omdat dit mijn kans was om mijn droom waar te maken. Mijn kinderdroom is het helpen om een veilige wereld te creëren.Ik begon de CSI-010 cursus met basiskennis, nu na 4 lessen heb ik al zoveel meer geleerd. Ik zou het iedereen adviseren die dezelfde richting als ik op wil of affiniteit heeft met IT, om deze cursus te volgen, je zult niet alleen veel leren, maar je maakt ook kennis met mensen uit het veld!”, verteld Sophia Jukema student CSI-010: Digital Forensics.

De studenten kunnen in het bijzonder niet wachten op het gastcollege van Dirk-Jan Grootenboer, digitale wijkagent bij de Zeehavenpolitie. Hij daagt de studenten uit om aan een opdracht te werken die belangrijk is voor de veiligheid van de haven. Doordat de meeste studenten een carrière bij de politie willen beginnen kijken ze ernaar uit om geïntroduceerd te worden met iemand uit het vakgebied.

“Ik ben als Digitaal wijkagent een luisterend oor online en hoor graag wat er speelt bij de jeugd. Op die manier hoort de politie er ook te zijn vind ik. Samen komen en discussiëren waar volgens de jeugd de pijn zit en waar we mogelijk ook in het gesprek tot leuke ideeën komen voor de toekomst. Zodat we even deze “rare” periode kunnen gebruiken om ons toekomstige samenzijn te verbeteren”, aldus Grootenboer.

CSI-010: Digital Forensics

Cyberworkplace startte op 30 oktober met een nieuwe editie van het programma CSI-010:Digital Forensics. CSI-010 is een gratis cursus voor aankomende digitale rechercheurs om jongeren te helpen leren met het opsporen en voorkomen van cybercrime. Deze opleiding is in samenwerking met het Techniek College Rotterdam, het Rotterdamse bedrijfsleven en de politie georganiseerd. Twintig geselecteerde deelnemers krijgen 8 weken lang een voorproefje van het werk van een digitaal forensisch onderzoeker. Ze worden hierbij gesteund door gastdocenten uit het veld. De studenten leren de basisvaardigheden van digitaal forensisch onderzoek om online fraude, bedrijfsspionage, phishing of chantage te bestrijden.


De Cyberworkplace is een non-profit, collegegeldvrij initiatief dat het tekort in cybersecurity-experts op de arbeidsmarkt verkleint door jongeren 21ste-eeuwse ICT-vaardigheden bij te brengen en relevante werkervaring op te doen. Het motto van de Cyberworkplace is: hack, leer, werk.

Bron: Politie (2020, Juli 15). ‘Halfjaarcijfers: meer cybercrime en meer demonstraties.’ –