Cyberworkplace vs. Cultivating Coders in a CTF Challange!

Our Capture the Flag (CTF)  challenge was a banging success! This challenge was guided by Radically Open Security. Participants divided in two teams: Cyberworkplace vs. Cultivating Coders were competing against each other. They tested their cyber-knowledge by answering a series of questions of varying difficulty on the subject of cryptography.  The Cultivating Coders students won the competition for today with 260 points, vs. Cyberworkplace with 210. The final winner will be announced on Saturday, when the deadline for the CTF challenge is!

Also, Dr. Melanie Rieback, the CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security, helped our students develop their 21st century skills by teaching them how to be a good CTF player, along with a demo of password cracking!

To end the day, the CyberHeroes students got some free time to tour around the picturesque city of Rotterdam. Many of the students coming from New Mexico had never left their state before embarking on the CyberHeroes project. Thus, this was a very exciting opportunity for our local Dutch students to show their new American friends Rotterdam’s top sights!