CyberHeroes at Cybersprint & the US Ambassador’s residence in The Hague

Day 4 of CyberHeroes week was a day full of a diverse array of activities.

First, Maarten van Duivenbode from Duivenbode ICT led a workshop on smart devices for our CyberHeroes participants. Through various different assignments, they learned how to program motion sensors, lights, smart switches, and smart buttons to perform a range of actions! This workshop gave participants a glimpse into how fun and useful smart devices can be, but also into their potential risks when it comes to security.

Next, participants headed over to The Hague where they were welcomed at Cybersprint by its CISO and Product Owner, Cynthia Schouten, who gave a presentation and a tour at the HSD Campus where they visited the IoT lab of Leiden University and Splendo.  Soufian El Yadmani, a Security Analyst at Cybersprint, also presented on how individuals with cyber-skills can maximize their opportunities. This was a great way to keep our students motivated to develop their cyber skills and to introduce them to potential career opportunities! Following this, Peter van Eijk from the Municipality of The Hague also enlightened our students on the work the Municipality does with cybersecurity companies and ethical hackers to stay in control of its online footprint.

In the evening, participants and all involved people in CyberHeroes were guests at the residence of the US Ambassador, Peter Hoekstra, in The Hague. During the reception, our students gave the Ambassador a Cyberworkplace hoodie!