Team High Tech Crime presentation on DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks, malware, online crime networks – these are some of the topics Floor Jansen of Team High Tech Crime, touched on in her lecture today. She really liked our hoodie! We also got ‘Sinterklaas-themed’ snacks thanks to ECP Platform voor de Informatie Samenleving. Lekker!

Did you know that you don’t even need to have a computer or internet access to be a victim of a cyber crime? Things such as bank cards,  cars, and SIM cards can also be targeted by criminals who use special software to commit crimes. Some criminals even sell hacking software online for very low prices, so those without extensive knowledge in technology or hacking can also easily commit crimes.

It is difficult for police to know exactly how many cyber crimes actually occur, as the perfect cyber crime leaves no trace. There have also been cases of cyber criminals intentionally making it seem as though someone else committed their crime.  Team High Tech Crime focuses on combating crimes such as these: the most advanced forms of cyber crime that often require extensive knowledge of technology to commit.

Sources: Cybercrime