Cyberworkplace – Turning Over a New Leaf

Cyberworkplace is accepting three new board members into its team: Mira Golsteyn, Ruud Jongejan, and Theo Sinnema. All of them are acquainted with the world of IT and cyber security, and each of them also has a unique skill-set which will complement Cyberworkplace beautifully.

Ruud Jongejan, a true “Rotterdammer” works in the area of cyber security and privacy, and he is highly motivated to help young people immerse themselves in this world.



Mira Golsteyn is a senior manager with over twenty years’ experience in operations and IT management. She delivers results and is passionate about security, quality, and compliance.



Theo Sinnema, a believer in bringing out the best in individuals with integrity and clarity, works as a Senior Project Manager in the field of risk and security.



Although we are incredibly excited to welcome them on board, the news is overall bitter-sweet; as unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Mary-Jo de Leeuw. Previously the Chairman of the General Board at Cyberworkplace, Mary-Jo de Leeuw resigned on November 30th, 2018, due to her new position as Director Cyber security EMEA in London. Cyberworkplace wishes her good luck and sends her tender regards. “With pain in my heart, I leave the Cyberworkplace and Rotterdam! I am incredibly proud that we have put this together in a relatively short time. I am therefore very grateful for all the opportunities that we have received from the Municipality of Rotterdam and  42Workplace”, said de Leeuw.

Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Previously Chairman of the General Board at Cyberworkplace

As of December 1st, Anouk Vos is taking the position of a Chairman of the General Board at Cyberworkplace. With these changes taking place, Cyberworkplace is confident it will persevere, and continue to be a place where outcasted youngsters can finally belong, learn about ethical hacking, tackle real issues, and explore the digital world together.