Programming with Java

Our students started programming with Java! Today we are having the first lesson of a four-week course. The focus is on encapsulation.

What is “encapsulation”?

Like the name suggests, encapsulation is the storing of data within a single unit. Imagine that this data exists within a pill capsule. The purpose of the capsule is to protect what is inside it (data) from outside code. Encapsulation is a way of hiding the data of a class from other classes.

Why Learn Java?

Java is one of the best programming languages to learn in terms of increasing your attractiveness to employers in the tech field. Java is also usually good for beginners because it is a statistically- typed language, which means that your code will be checked for errors, which is very useful for people just starting out. The community of people who know Java is also large, so there are a lot of resources on the subject if our students ever need extra help outside the classroom.


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