Hacklab Leeuwarden official opening

Hacklab Leeuwarden has been officially opened as of November 2, 2018 in Blokhuispoort. The Hacklab has been established for the purpose of providing young people (particularly those who don’t “fit in” in the traditional educational system) with the opportunity to acquire 21st-century skills. The Hacklab focuses strongly on teaching skills related to information technology—such as ethical hacking.

Hacklab’s Purpose

One of Hacklab’s core aims is to bridge the gap between cybersecurity experts and potential employers. Often, those who are highly talented in the realm of cybersecurity/ hacking are isolated from society, making it difficult for potential employers to find them and vice-versa. Thus, Hacklab’s mission is pivotal in contemporary society, where individuals who are well-versed in the area of cybersecurity are increasingly needed.

Inspiration from Cyberworkspace

Hacklab, in both its purpose and structure, was strongly inspired by Cyberworkspace. During the official opening of Hacklab, a covenant was signed by Cyberworkspace board member Anouk Vos and Hacklab board member Nienke Hoeksma. Both are new non-profit organizations that wish to create the cybersecurity experts of tomorrow through new, innovative and hands-on teaching methods.

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Else Maria van der Meulen, Anouk Vos, Nienke Hoeksma and Marten Haagsma 

Source: huisaanhuisleeuwarden.nl