Cyberworkplace welcomes its newest team member

Arsen Kalymov, Cyberworkplace project assistant

Cyberworkplace would like to welcome its newest project assistant, Arsen Kalymov, to the team. Arsen is 21 years old, an active person by nature, and moved to the country in 2008 from Russia. His hobbies include reading, exercising, and computers. He currently follows the Safety and Security Management study at The Hague University of Applied Science.

He joined Cyberworkplace in pursuit of greater knowledge of cybersecurity and saw the organization as the best opportunity to learn more about this field. What attracted him the most to Cyberworkplace was its energy and mission. “Since the first workshop, they really left an impression on me of an energetic and innovative organization with much to offer to the world.”, says Arsen.

As the newest member of Cyberworkplace he shares the mission of reducing the cybersecurity talent gap and promoting cybersecurity awareness.

Welcome Arsen!

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