Cyberworkplace students are building a cyber escape room to raise awareness

On the 12th of July, Cyberworkplace students are starting a new exciting project. In the next two months, they are going to build a cyber escape room from scratch.

The project aims at raising awareness among the citizens of Rotterdam but also activating the creativity and development of the participants. The students will be responsible for the planning and development of the concept, construction and realization of the puzzles, testing and adjusting, but also guiding the visitors when complete.

The focus of the escape room won’t be on knowledge and technology, but rather on behavior: ‘Why are we as human beings so vulnerable?’. Only when people start to realize how easily they can be distracted or scammed, but also how easily a hacker works and how much information people share on the internet, they will be open to behavioral change. Our main goal is to make visitors aware of their own behavior and to respond more consciously to all forms of internet crime, such as malware, phishing emails, etc.

“Everything starts with human failure. Cyber criminals have enough cunning tricks to get us the key to the digital back door. They do that by shooting with ‘hail’. For example with an email about a ticket or the delivery of a package. After all, there is always someone in the entire group of recipients who expects a ticket or package.’ says Henk van Ee, founder of Cybersafety4U and guide in this project.

The chance that it will happen to you is greater than you may think!