Cyberworkplace has greatly paid off

Ex-student Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre, Former student & ambassador of Cyberworkplace

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jean-Pierre or JP. I am from Limburg, the Netherlands, twenty years old. I have recently graduated from MBO “Application and media developer” at Vista College. My interests lie in the field of cybersecurity and more concrete in penetration testing. In my free time, I am enjoying gaming, cooking, and fitness.

When did you join Cyberworkplace? What was your motivation?

I joined Cyberworkplace (CWP) in May 2020, after reading an article where CWP has been mentioned. They were partnering with the Dutch police in the initiative “Gamechangers“, where kids and youngsters could learn and practice hacking.

What did you like about Cyberworkplace?

The encouragement and the payoff. I gave my full energy, and it greatly paid off! Cyberworkplace introduced me to a lot of industry people who I would not have had the possibility to meet on my own. They are great at what they do in their fields.

What have you learned at Cyberworkplace?

I learned many things, from bug hunting to python hacking and even networking! The learning never stops at Cyberworkplace.

What is your most favorite moment at Cyberworkplace?

The 42workspace‘s rooftop workshop, we had this summer. This Friday was extra special because this was the first physical meeting of the Cyberworkplace students since the start of the Corona crisis. This very same day I got introduced to Axians.

What are you currently up to?

I am working as a Security Engineer at Axians Netherlands. Cyberworkplace introduced me and helped me with getting this job.

Describe Cyberworkplace with three words.

Hack. Learn. Work.

Would you recommend Cyberworkplace to your friends?

I will definitely recommend CWP to anyone interested in security. I would say: “If you want to up your game and always have the edge over others in security, don’t hesitate to join CWP. You might even get a job!”

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Cyberworkplace is an excellent investment. They will return it with interest.