CSI-010: Digital Forensics Official Closing

Twenty students from Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam have been immersed in the wonderful world of digital forensics for the past eight weeks. The CSI-010: Digital Forensics program has come to an end.

Today we celebrated the official closing of the program and the unique collaboration between Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam, where all the participants, teachers, parents and other involved parties got the chance to meet each once again.

Our chairman Anouk Vos and Leonie van Haren, education leader ICT Academy at Techniek College Rotterdam, announced the official closing of CSI-010: Digital Forensics.

To show that they have deserved their certificates, students participated in a stenography challenge where they had to solve the puzzle in order to receive their certificates.

Anjo Eijeriks, Techniek College Rotterdam & lead teacher of the CSI-010: Digital Forensics course, did a recap of the program, highlighting the guest lectures of Steven Djohan, forensics expert and partner at Revnext; Maaike Hielkema, Cyber Security consultant atĀ NFIR; Elsine van Os, CEO and founder of Signpost Six; John Sinteur, co-founder of Radically Open Security; and Dirk-Jan Grootenboer, digital police officer at the Sea Port Police.

The program was closed with an official handing of the certificates and medals to the participates who have successfully got through the program, followed by networking drinks.

About CSI-010: Digital Forensics
The first-ever training on digital forensics at an MBO level (in a pilot form), organized by Cyberworkplace and Techniek College Rotterdam from 10 May until 5 July. In eight weeks, twenty students had hands-on lectures on the different aspects of digital forensics and learn how to detect and prevent cybercrime. Course topics discussed: local incident response, network forensics, and web server analysis.